Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Hübsch indeed...

I have been swooning over the new collection from danish interior company Hübsch. I could literally buy everything, but if I must pick a favourite item, I think I would have to go with the stunning glass vase with the leather strap - genius.

Happy Wednesday lovely peeps - looking forward to the Easter break. Ours start this Friday when the girls finish school for a lovely long break.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Portrait series

Lots of people have asked me to photograph their children, and themselves, and I think it is time to get a decent website up and running so that it looks like I mean business. As a photographer it is important to stand out from the masses, and have a product that is different from the 1000 other brilliant photographers out there. 

I haven't made this my main business yet, probably out of fear of 'not being good enough', and perhaps screwing it all up on location. Truthfully it is scary photographing people, and especially special occasions (weddings anyone) because you have no turn back if the equipment (or you) fail. It is much easier working with a crew, or as a team, because what you might not notice, hopefully the other one will. I have left the Photographers studio where I worked, and now I need to take a giant leap of faith and just go all in.

Does any of you struggle with the 'creative' fear of not being able to do it well enough, and/or like me - avoid taking the leap, simply because.. Well just because. Have you taken that leap already, and how did it go? Any tips :)

These are a few of my images from yesterday. I saw the sunlight, and had to capture the girls. This is my style of photography; natural, relaxed, but still styled enough that it all makes sense.
Anya Jensen Photography

Anya Jensen Photography

Anya Jensen Photography

I have a few questions, so if you fancy answering these, I'd love to know more about your photography needs :)
  • What do you look for when you have your photos taken? (a specific background/feel to the picture, B&W, business photo, relaxed) 
  • Would you pay for someone to photograph you or your children?
  • What style of photo do you prefer? Natural light and settings, or studio based photography? 
  • Would you prefer to choose a location, or leave it to the photographer?
Happy Monday everyone, hope you don't mind me bombarding you with questions this sunny Monday :)

Monday, 16 March 2015

Getting ready for Spring

I love this time of year where everything starts to sprout, and small flowers are popping up everywhere. We live in the city, but have our own small garden, where we love planting flowers, herbs and some vegetables. Now is the time to begin, so Audrey and I went to work, putting tiny seeds into pots, and getting bulbs planted for the summer.
Anya Jensen Photography

Anya Jensen Photography

Anya Jensen Photography
I have discovered the best plant fertiliser, which is much needed for me as I sometimes forget to care for my green friends. The Bayer Garden Vitality series has a unique activator effect, which combines active ingredients, to ensure optimised growth in your urban gardens through each stage of growing. I love the idea of giving your plants a good start, and help them grow. I have kickstarted my urban garden now, and can't wait to see how these beauties grow. Happy Monday everyone. 

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Through the mist

Yesterday I met my great blogger friend Birgitte for a coffee. Copenhagen treated us to the most stunning blue skies, and we decided that a trip to Copenhagen Botanical Gardens was just perfect. I love Palmehuset, and we both remembered that there were these stunning spiral staircases that would look great on pictures. I only remembered that I was very scared of heights, when I was on top of that staircase. VERY very very high up. However I naturally suffered for my art, so here are a few amazing pics from the Palmhouse. And due to the heat in there, my lens steamed up, but as you know, I like that effect. Happy Thursday everyone, the sun is shining and the skies are blue, what's not to LOVE.

PALMEHUSET - Botanisk Have by Anya Jensen Photography

PALMEHUSET - Botanisk Have by Anya Jensen Photography

PALMEHUSET - Botanisk Have by Anya Jensen Photography

PALMEHUSET - Botanisk Have by Anya Jensen Photography


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