Thursday, 29 November 2012

Obsession - but a healthy one!

Tim Walker tastic almost Xmas images to die for - 
I love love love you Tim.
Seriously I adore the dreamy, quirky odd ball Universe Tim creates. Tim if you need an assistant - do call :))


  1. Wow, totally amazing pics, sparks the imagination! :-)

  2. He's a his imageries :)) Perfect!! A healthy obsession for sure ;) Hope you have a great day my sweet!! xx

    La Femme Nouvelle

  3. Fantastic!!! I didn't know him, so thank you so much for sharing this!!!

  4. Wow, what an imagination. I love the first one and the soldier holding the doll and the other girl in black and white. I've never heard of him, I'm learning all kinds of things from you blog... :) I really enjoy looking at it. Take great care,

    Shauna xo

  5. Great photos! I love him! They have a book on Amazon of his works that I would love to purchase but it is so darn expensive!! Guess I'll just have to be satisfied with looking at his pictures on blogs and the web. Ha

  6. Wow, these are really beautiful, so dreaming!

  7. What an great artist! How could some one ever think and create this way!? Very beautiful, thanks for the share Anya,
    Greet Martine x.

  8. OMG, this is truly amazing!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

    Tim, after you've chosen Anya as your assistant, can I be hers????
    Totally awesome xx

    1. Ha ha - yes I'll have you as my assistant any day - or Tina if you need an assistant do call me - I'd be more than happy moving back to the UK,

  9. oh! wonderful! I love the first photo :-)

  10. Tim is undeniably a visionary. These photos are stunning!
    Best to you

  11. Now THIS is my idea of Christmas decorations - all about fantasy. How spendiferiously marvellous. I'll just pop out and get myself a half dozen nutcrackers for the tree... xx


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