Monday, 26 November 2012

Today felt like this

Black & White - Wintry and cool.
Snow is what is coming to Denmark - next weekend, if we believe the weather reports:) Hope this got you in a wintry mood. Cozying up inside with a cuppa and a nice film... What's not to love I ask?
Happy Monday Y'all - hope you had fun:)


  1. What a great pics anya. Love the winter! So nice to hear that there will be snow in danmark. I hope it will also be in the dutch! Have a good week! Sweet greet martine

  2. Thank you for sharing those beautiful pics with thoughts!
    Hoping to see snow soon as well.
    Nice Monday to you!

  3. I would love to have snow instead of the miserable, grey, rainy and just bleak weather we get here. Mind, yesterday was sunny which was nice :-) Have a great week xo

  4. Anya I am sitting here in a summer dress and just trying to imagine the snow. Isn't it funny how it is so hard to imagine the opposite weather? (Accounts for why I always pack the wrong thing when travelling to another climate!!)

    But your images are beautiful, and I do adore the winter and all of its snuggly charms. So I hope you get your snow next weekend. Love that quote. xx

  5. not that I'm too keen on snow, but your pics are fantastic. happy monday xo

  6. great selection! love each photo!
    have a lovely day, Anya!

  7. Beautiful pics, love that close-up of the owl! :-)

  8. Gorgeous doll, stunning images :) I would rather have snow than wet, slushy weather. Right now, we have sunny but cold weather, not sure how long it will last for. I hope you bundle up and keep warm doll. Have a great week :) xxx

  9. Beautiful images. It is partly cloudy here and in the low 70's but colder weather is expected within the next day or so. It's still not very cold here and it's already nearly December! Sigh...I would like a bit of cold weather so that I could snuggle under my down comforter. :)

  10. Beautiful, lovely cozy photos!!!
    Have a lovely week!!

  11. Yes,'ve got me in a wintery mood....just rain, rain and more rain here...although they're telling us we're in for a very cold winter!
    I love your images; especially the last one.
    Have a good week...wrap up warm ;-)

  12. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I love your blog! It looks amazing!

    Love Lisanne

  13. It's even cold here in New Orleans, so I can imagine how it is where you live Anya! Sending warm wishes your way.

  14. love these beautiful black and white images... perfect for my autumn mood ! thanks...

  15. Beautiful pictures, in my country not so cold, , but the weather is bad and the sky is gray .
    Xx Vicky

  16. How can black and white be a celebration of Life and Color?
    Somehow you manage it... we have cold but not snow.
    Enjoy yours and Enjoy this Magical Season!

  17. I love this wintry mood. The last photo makes me dream of a white Christmas. :)

  18. What an excellent compilation. Well done.


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