Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing day walkies

We have celebrated and eaten our way through an amazing Xmas break. We had a wonderful time with presents galore. Today we needed some fresh air, and went for a walk so I could try my new phone: Sony Xperia V. The camera is amazing, and the phone works even with cold wet hands, which is perfect for a day like this. 
Happy Boxing day everyone:)
 More relaxing today and off to the sales tomorrow:)
*This is a sponsored post for SONY Xperia V, written and photographed by Anya*


  1. Wow! great phone, love how the pictures look.
    Have a great day!!

  2. Lovely photo! Isn't it amazing what the new phones can do. I have an Apple IPhone and the camera takes as good a photo as my regular camera does.

    I'm with you...I could do with a nice long walk after eating so much. We had snow here yesterday...can you believe Texas...whoo hoo! It is bitterly cold here and the roads and sidewalks are slick and icy.

    Its back to the gym for me today and a good brisk workout. I just hope that I can build up the energy to do it! Ha

    1. SNOW!!! In texas! Well here the snow has melted and it's +5 degrees (which is hot fro here)
      Mother nature is confused - happy day kris,

  3. Me, I'm off to work tomorrow!
    Enjoy your days off for me!

  4. i did some shopping myself after Christmas. great sales.


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