Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Home l.o.v.e

This amazing Jo'burg home belongs to a South African couple. Their home is a true reflection of their profession - they sell cool tribal ornaments, antiques, and artefacts sourced from all over the world. Did anyone say *dream job* - Yeah that would be me :)
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  1. That looks so amazing. I love the dark wood against the white background and the style is brilliant. Yes, I'd love that job too please... xo

  2. dream job indeed!!! and a fab home!

  3. Dear Anya, It's great how you manage every time such a great post.
    This one is wonderfull again! Have a good day, sweet greet, Martine.

  4. A home to someone who is proud of the heritage and legacy.
    African Art is always striking and the way they displayed it make it tasteful too.
    (I have several pieces and I'm never sure how to mingle it with the European Decor of my home. Getting ideas!)

    1. Do you know I have loads of stuff I have bought from all over the world - it kinda works here, as I have mixed it with old, new and clean scandi lines - LOVE how it brings individuality to my home - so off you go sweets, it will look fab,

  5. Very tastefully decorated. I like a mix of elements from different places as I think it makes for an interesting and unusual design style. Those spears hanging behind the couch are interesting and the figurine in the dress is really cool. I really love it! :)

    Hope you and the girls are well and enjoying the pre-holiday fun! :)

  6. Totally stunning. Tribal art and ornaments done at its best!!!

    I would kill for that silver drum!!!!
    Great find, yet again xx

  7. I love all the wooden objects and furniture here, stunning!! xx

  8. Wow! I love this beautiful home. It's so warm and filled with personality! The unique accessories are my favorite!



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