It works!!!


Do you know when you catch the moment, and even derelict, run down, trashy, graffitied train tracks can look like the most beautiful place in the world? When it just works?? Well this does indeed work for me:
I love taking pictures of the beauty in decay - so poetic !
Sorry I haven't been around your blogs much last week - I have these killer migraines (again) that wipe me out completely! 
Suggestions for cures are welcomed:)


  1. Wonderful and magical photos, have a nice day!!
    Xx Vicky

  2. I love these pictures. You have a great talent, thank you for sharing.

    I love your daughter's face, she's a picture of happiness. And I love the xmas decorations. Love it. So different, so refreshing compared to the red and green that we always see. Love,

    Shauna xoxoxxo

  3. All the three pics has the same lighting (sun as backlight!), that's why they are so nice! Well done! Have a nice week ;o)

  4. Lovely pics, beautiful sunshine! :-)

  5. I'm so sorry... my cure: no sugar!!!, painkillers and sleep...
    Big hug***

  6. Great pix! I know what you mean about beauty and decay.

    Btw- hope those migraines go away soon! One of my close friends swears by a Cadbury's chocolate bar w/fruit in it. She's literally on a first-name basis w/her local ER staff b/c she has to go so often for shots of Demerol, but she says the chocolate is her best ally otherwise(though it's harder for her to find in the US). Maybe try it?

  7. It's gorgeous doll, love the light!! The light always shines in the broken of places!! Happy Monday!! xx

    The Dainty Dolls House

  8. Keep searching for beauty everywhere - my cure ahahah
    Oh you poor dear. I have those and they are so unfunny. Get well!!!
    I also love the beauty of decay... I don't know if it is the sense that the decay is "only" external and in a way objects scream "Here I Stand!" or the sense of "last day" one gets when sharing those moments - just you and YOUR World.
    Now, this long might bring back the migraines :) I'm a lousy friend! Now think of Sunbeams warming you.

  9. oh, sorry to hear. I just got a few days of debilitating headaches. I feel for you. no advice, tho. unfortunately. get better soon xo

  10. Your description of these railroad tracks are spot on! Indeed they look just as your described them. I like the third image!

    I rarely ever get migraines but when I do I find aspirin, a dark room and a bed to lie down it helps some. I usually cover my eyes with a cloth too. I do hope you get to feeling better soon. I don't think there is anything worse than a migraine!

    Take care my friend! :)


  11. no worries. i've had a killer cold and ear infection. hahaha these are beautiful!

  12. I love your photography- you have your own seeing of things around. These photographs are full of light - adorable! get well fast, dear Anya!

  13. Oh honey, am currently surrounded by women with migraines. Wish I could help!
    My belief. Look closely at nutrition, cleaning products and perfumes....

    Also friend of mine discovered amazing new book. Will find out and let you know.
    Wish you better x

    You know how I love derelict places like these. Fantastic photographs. xx

  14. You captured the light perfectly! Hope you are feeling better and hope we can find some time to meet up before the holidays get into full swing!


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