Sweet December


December started off with a huge coat of snow. And 2 Christmas parties for the girls. They were ecstatic, made their own Christmas decorations, met Santa - twice, and even got amazing goody bags. This is hygge and Life is bliss when you are a kid.
Christmas party 1 with little cousin Elisabeth
 Christmas party 2 with Holly's kindergarten

Holly turned out to be very creative, and made the coolest decoration ever.. :)


  1. Christmastime is magic for children and adults!

  2. Precious. Agreed, for sure. Life is bliss when you're a kid. I love the images, especially the two girls, trying to put the cloves into the oranges. So sweet. I love the blurred Santa too.

    So, were you saying that you do makeup professionally for a living? I wish you could do mine. I want a lesson on how to do my eyeshadow really well and fun for the day time, not just the same beige and brown tones they always go for when you say "day look." Take great care,


    Snow always reminds me of Christmas. I'm not a big fan of a bright sunny day on the actual day, but I guess I'm not complaining too much either... :)

  3. Soooo true. Life is bliss when you are a kid!!
    How cute are they in their snowware?????

    What's it like to have 2 angels? Love Holly's decorations xx

  4. How sweet.. all this praparations are amazing..I love it :))
    have a nice day**

  5. Ciao Anya, che belle le tue bambine!!! Tanti saluti dal bosco di Premignaga daniela (domani arriva la neve anche qui)....kiss

  6. This looks so perfect - a christmas-time dream - snow, open fire, wrapped up and happy kids... Lovely photos. xo

  7. oh, how sweet :)

  8. They are so precious...bless them!! It's wonderful to be a kid at Christmas, am happy they are having a great time :)) Hope you are too doll xx

  9. Gorgeous images - I never tire of looking at snowy pictures either. I love the snow as long as I don't have to drive far in it! Pretty orange decoration.

  10. Ah Anya,

    They all look adorable all bundled up in their snow suits and cute hats. Such pretty snow photos and great smiles on the kids. I bet they had faBulous fun! Oh to be a kid again! :)


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