Colour trends Spring 2013


 I have my money on this color palette for Spring:
Emerald Green - what's not to love
Poppy Red - Brings a needed colourblast
Granite Grey - could be the new black
African Violet - brings a breath of fresh air
Lime - Tangy and fresh
Dusk Blue - I adore blue touches here and there

What do you reckon - does it look like Spring to you?
Darker than last years pastel & neon explosion though - hope we will still see some of that going on :)
I look forward to Spring, warmth and sunshine.


  1. Hey, I'm first!!!

    I love grey. Just love it. I love to wear it.

    I love the light violet so much and I too love touches of blue here and there. Blue is such a beautiful color.

    You all must look forward to Spring so soon because it's so much colder and darker where you are. I'm not ready for Spring yet. But, soon... :) Take care,

    Shauna xoxoxoxxo

  2. Love all these colours. I really didn't like the pastels and neon at all.

  3. Absolutely love the last picture and I'm glad it's taken over from pastels as I was starting to suffer from "sweetness-overload" ;-) Have a great week and stay warm xo

  4. the first and the last pictures - total blasters! can't stop looking at them! THOSE colors!
    thank you for these beautiful color touches and have a lovely week, dear Anya!

  5. I does. I wish it would also feel like spring :)

  6. wow....spring feels along way away this morning....utterly gorgeous!!

  7. I love these ones! So elegant yet positive

  8. Yes! love the bright colours

  9. Adore that green from the first is wonderful...the whole room is my thing!! I love all of these colours actually, will be nice to see them around more :) Happy Monday doll, I hope the weekend was gorgeous xox

    The Dainty Dolls House

  10. I'm in love with this stunning green on the first pic ♥
    Colors are perfect to brighten a room! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Love how these photos (rooms) display these beautiful colours. I'm definitely into the grey pallette right now, but definitely love the bolder colours like poppy and emerald for Spring.

  12. Green is the color of the year and not a favorite of mine with the exception of a few shades of it. Last year it was orange which I also am not crazy about. I wish they would come up with a color that I like! LOL I love the african violet color and the blue...and any of course any pastel shade.

  13. I like Mr Shakespeare in violet!

    So lovely!

    ♥ Franka

  14. Love these fabulous colors! The first image and the one with the Shakespeare art are my favorites!

    Hope you had a lovely weekend, my sweet friend!


  15. I'm loving that granite on the walls. So beautiful! Also adoring blue too!

  16. I adore the emerald green...stunning...I'm looking forward to spring, warmth and sunshine to's freezing here...but it does look so you know where I'm from so well, I'm sure you can imagine...there is a peace when the snow falls ;-)
    Have a wonderful week.

  17. African Violet, Emerald Green, and Granite Grey - the perfect trio for me! Love these images too:)xx

  18. That first picture took my breath away. Just incredible! It's so grown up:-) That carpet, the gates... wow! xx


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