Sunday, 6 January 2013

Corners of my Sunday

 This weekend was all about ballet. You see the little ladies enjoy their weekly lessons, and this week the big one had dance-lessons at the Royal Danish Ballet Academy, which she loved. People say they look very similar. I don't know - what do you think???
Happy weekend - the first week of 2013 is lovely!!


  1. they do.they definitely look like sisters. two beautiful little girls. happy Sunday, Anya xxxo

  2. They do look a lot like eachother - or like you, they are definately taking after you a LOT! Pretty girls (and mama)! :-)

  3. They look so alike it's amazing! They're both absolutely gorgeous and a dance lesson at the Royal Dance Academy must have been fantastic - I know from my experience with my son how much joy dance can bring.

    Thanks for your comment, I had no idea you used to live in London! Glad it brought back some memories ;-)

    Have a lovely weekend xo

  4. They are like two angels.So beautiful
    people say my daughters are similar looking, but I don´t think so.

  5. They do and they are both gorgeous girls.
    I danced for 15 years & it's one of the best thing I ever did for myself.
    What you learn as a dancer stays with you all your life.

  6. De ligner hinanden rigtig meget på øverste højre og nederste venstre, men man ser de er hver deres :-)

  7. Dina änglar är syskonlika. Väldigt söta är de också.

    Ha det gott

  8. More than looking like you they share your Aura: full of energy and sweetness.

  9. They look almost like twins! They both have such gorgeous eyes, so large and such pretty smiles! My daughter loved Ballet lessons. I can still remember her first recital. It was so adorable! :)

    Have a great week, Anya :)

  10. They look so much like each other. So sweet!

  11. So beautiful...I love the ballet :) xx

  12. Of course they look similar:)))))) and to you:)))
    Wow, the Royal Danish Ballet xx


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