Valentines Schmalentines


I did it last year, and here it is again for all of you guys out there that doesn't celebrate Valentines, or just don't fancy the idea of having a particular day where you have to 'show the love' this post is for you:)

It's not me it's you pin - via

Anti Valentine black heart garland - via

ANTI Valentines pendant - via

Anti Valentine Gift tags - via

 NOT so Valentines card - via

ANTI Valentine keyring - via

BUT don't fret my dear if you adore Valentines. There will be a special post just for you too!!


  1. Hahaha, thanks so much for the early morning giggle! The pendant is fantastic ;-) xo

  2. lol, brilliant :)

  3. Hahahaha...I love this!! It's exactly what I think of Valentine's day funny!! xo

  4. You made me laugh so much, even though I´m very sick. Like your humor :)

  5. I don't celebrate Valentine's.... don't mind those who do, and quite enjoy a few crafts (very few as some ladies raid the Christmas Red Trunk and OMG, YOU DIDN'T!!!) (It's me the one jumping over everything red and heart shaped in Pinterest ;) ahahaha).

    We were never big in my Country in celebrating the date and being a Christian - this year we begin Lent the day before on Ash Wednesday - I never felt "confortable" in adopting it. But those who enjoy it's quite a day, wouldn't you agree?! And world can only improve on their Happiness!!! :love is all you need:

    Smilling with your Antis... and looking forward for you Pro :D.

    1. Yes you are right - we do need love Teresa. We never celebrated here in Denmark, until perhaps 8 years ago. Now it's a big deal - like everywhere else:) And do look out, the post will come,

  6. Okay, this is hilarious. I happen to love Valentines Day because one of my daughter's bday is smack dab on the love day itself. However, I will take that key chain at the end, because sometimes it's how I feel, like, let's get this over with so we can see what goes on sale. Hahahaha. Miss you and love your posts as always.

    Shauna xoxoxoxo

  7. heehee! Love it! I always hated Valentine's but I'm warming up to it... :-)

  8. hahaha!!! Love these... Valentine's Day.... was fun at 15.... sooooo looking forward to showing your SATC xx

  9. this post is defenetly for me :D
    i especially love the last photo with a lovely keypendant and words on it - great!!!


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