Empty but still so full.


Master photographer Massimo Listri takes pictures of amazing famous landmarks - when they are completely empty. He says his photographs are  "an expression of tranquility and silence in this chaotic society." - and he gives us the opportunity to enjoy the usual touristy places, as they are. I am blown away by the beauty and tranquility in these pictures.

Palazzo Pitti, Sala Bianca I Firenze, 2008 | photo © Massimo Listri
Deposito del Comune di Parigi, 1990 | photo © Massimo Listri
Biblioteca di Weimar, Germany, 1997 | photo © Massimo Listri
Galleria degli Uffizi, La sala della Controriforma, Firenze, 2008 | photo © Massimo Listri
 Stupinigi I, Piemonte, 2007 | photo © Massimo Listri
Versailles V, France, 2003 | photo © Massimo Listri
Reggia di Venaria I, Piemonte 2007 | photo © Massimo Listri
Palazzo Martelli, Firenze, 2008 | photo © Massimo Listri
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  1. How fabulous Anya! thanks for sharing these images, I've saved them into my inspiration file and posted one on my fb business page -I'm so inspired! Cxx

  2. Beautiful pics, true inspiration!

  3. His photographs are amazing! I was lucky enough to actually meet him in person when I went to the opening of his exhibition at Etro in London. Not only fantastic photos, but also a very nice person! xo

    1. Lucky lady - I wish I met him too:) FAB stuff,

  4. You know what? I think spaces are never empty... not really.

    Their soul remain and linger, even years after no one visits or stays there.

    And the soul is what these amazing pictures portraits caught - some are enchanting, others charming and other with hints of creepy (Versailles, don't know why, is one of the later for me... even full of people, something is not quite "right" and "peaceful" there... maybe it isn't supposed to be)

    Thank you for granting the privilege of getting to know Massimo Listri (amazing!) Work and for the privilege of "going through" those spaces all "alone" :posh:.


  5. Really love these photographs especially the last two. These pictures captured silence and beauty!

    P/S: Thanks for your lovely comments today, Anya.


  6. Very interesting. I like the first one. It's simple. Fun pictures. Happy love day.

    Shauna xoxoxxo

  7. WOW! Just amazing.....really beautiful to see them in their raw state. Thanks lovely xx


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