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The home of fantastic blogger Lotta Agaton has been published in Swedish magazine Residence, so now we can finally get our money's worth on top notch Scandinavian monochromatic design. Are you a fan, or do you need some more colour and madness?
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  1. Just beautiful, I love the Scandinavian style.
    XX Vicky

  2. So cool without being cold. Love it! xo

  3. I'm definitely a fan! I was lucky enough to finally see Lotta Agaton's shop last weekend as part of Meet The Bloggers Stockholm and it was every bit as cool as you would imagine. xx

  4. Color, yes.
    Madness I'm not sure... would you be the one providing it? Oh, OK! ;) Yours is the right kind of... :). But is sure is refreshing to go through the pics. Only not sure I could LIVE in it.
    Happy Valentine's,

  5. The best style, I love it and all that touches of green are just perfect!

  6. HAHA Anya, I wouldn't mind living here! Great taste! Love the black and white neutral palette.

  7. I love homes without carpet. There is something cleaner about homes without carpet. This is pretty, as usual. Take care,

    Shauna xo

  8. The kitchen is this home's best feature, in my opinion. It feels calm and ordered whilst other spaces shown are a little cluttered or perhaps overly staged?

    Thanks for sharing :-)

  9. I do love this disciplined style - but couldn't possibly live in it myself. I need that bolt of colour as you know! But isn't it interesting just how much the climate influences our choice of colours? One of my clients was showing me a picture of a house in Stockholm yesterday, as an example of an architectural style she liked, but she made the comment that we couldn't possibly clad our house design in the same black, with the different climate - it would cook here!

    But I find this place you have shown to be very restful and calming. xx

  10. Love this house. Love her style. All the things together. And the plants in the white pots. I think that's coming back.
    Have a nice evening.
    Sweet greet dear friend!

  11. Usually, I am a fan of cheerful colors but I will make an exception for this stylish home. The white kitchen is simply fabulous!


  12. Gorgeous home. I recently went to her shop in Stockholm - that lady sure oozes style. Looking forward to meeting you at the Hive x


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