Scandinavian on a Thursday


Just another great example on how us Danes like to keep it stylish and simple with very few colors, earthy tones, and whites. I adore the table in the first picture - infact everything in the first picture. Actually I like all of it. In all the pictures:)
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  1. Like it a lot too!
    Very nice use of colours.
    Have a great weekend dear Anya!

  2. Beautiful - so simple, light and classy. x

  3. Love the first photo...but I need more colours, it's a little plain for me. But, I would use a room like that to clear my head & then go back to a bright and colourful one :)) I hope you have a sweet day doll xx

  4. I pretty much like all of it in all the pictures, too!

  5. So beautiful I love the second picture most, it's so harmonious.

  6. each room is so pretty anya. i like the wood against that white color palette. love the chandelier in the first pic. hahaha i was laughing at your comment. we have TOO many choices here in the states. everything is HUGE!

  7. I'm always so impressed with these designs. I love the wood against the white. It's fantastic. Have a great weekend.

    Shauna xo


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