Spring fever


When Spring approaches (Hellooo we are still waiting over here:) I always have a mad urge to change the interiors around at home. This time around I think I will give the girls's bedroom a long needed overhaul. These are the ideas I'm toying with at the moment:

I think you can easily update your girl's room if you follow a few simple rules: stick to a coherent colour theme, add a few pompoms for style, baskets for 'random' toys, have a matching selection of cushions & bedspreads, and add some fairy lights for effect. With this your little one will have a castle fit for a princess!!


  1. Such beautiful pics, I could rest in every one of them! :-)

  2. Love them all! I know what you mean, Spring (yes, we're waiting here, too) always makes me want to redecorate. I need to do my son's room, but he has a pretty clear idea what he likes which isn't always what I like... ;-)

  3. These are gorgeous! I love decorating my girls' rooms. I will need to do the same as well. Get rid of a lot of things. I've already begun going through the wardrobes. My oldest wants a red room as its her favourite colour. I hope you enjoy doing your daughter's rooms up. Might as well with this insane weather we're having, haha. Hopefully Spring will wake up soon. Have a gorgeous day doll xx

  4. Beautiful and so easy to achieve! x

  5. These are all great ideas Anya! Their rooms are going to look spectacular.

  6. Hello Spring! Me first. Anya already has a Spring inside and on her feet and I don't ahahahahah ;)

    Precious tips, Sweet Girl. The Best in fact. Enjoy and have lots of fun!

    Happy and Blessed Easter!


  7. This is the cutest post ever. I love it all so much. I do not have an eye for this stuff but I guess I can always copy, thankgoodness. :)


    Shauna xo

  8. We're waiting for spring too! Loving your ideas Anya especially keen on the chocolate coloured wall in the first photo
    Happy Easter sweetie! xx

  9. I LOVE your ideas here Anya...I'm sure your girls do too ;-)
    We've just moved Victoria, my little girl of 24 into her first studio flat in Hampstead, all very exciting...and she loves the Scandinavian look...so I sent her across to your blog ;-)
    Happy Easter Weekend.

  10. Gorgeous inspiration - I think I need more fairy lights in my own home :) xxx


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