Utterslev Mose


Around the corner from where we live is the most fantastic nature reserve. I have visited here all my life, -it is my place of tranquility. I think you will understand why when you see these pictures. HAPPY weekend lovely people, here it really feels like Spring and I love it.

Grønnemose Alle - 2860 Søborg, 


  1. This looks so beautiful and I love the sunlight - sorely missing here ;-) Have a lovely day and great weekend xo

  2. wonderful pictures- thanks for sharing.
    lovely greets
    maren anita

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  3. Your photos are so lovely and full of grace and joy! Love those sparkles of sunshine. Happy weekend :)

  4. Hi Anya,
    Spring needs to spring in Paris!!xx It is changing
    I have your post up today :) have a great weekend and thank-you Carla x

  5. Happy weekend doll!! So grand, I'm glad spring is finally making it's way to you, it's so nice!! Am so happy to leave winter behind and see some sun :)) I hope you have a gorgeous weekend xx

  6. Starting to believe it, too ;)

    Doves have babies on top of the Palm Tree - I heard new, and tiny sounds coming from there this SUNNY morning. I went through the garden and the trees are starting to bloom some flower or sprouting some green leafs.

    Yes, it is coming. It always come but - must be - seemed to take forever this year ahahaha

    Have yourself a Sunny and Warm and Fun filled Weekend!

  7. Wonderful pics, Anya.
    Yes, spring is not far away.
    Happy 1rst of march.

  8. It's truly AMAZING post and SO fantastic feeling by:-)))*

    Thank you for share your wonderful isnpirations!!!

    Wish you too bright and lovely weekend,


  9. beautiful pics. here it looks like the world is about to end, but at least it's not freezing cold on top of that... happy weekend darling xxxo

  10. I love these sweet pictures and I'm so happy that Spring is near, especially for you Scandinavians. It's so cold there! Happy weekend to you too,

    SHauna xoxoxoxox

  11. Oh gosh, the nature reserve would be my go to place to relax, unwind and be in touch with nature. How beautiful. I love your photos!!!!


  12. I really hope that you are wright, I want spring in life now :).

  13. Yes really soon I hope!!! have a beautiful weekend. /Elina


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