Blast from the past!!


Well wouldn't you know what's back in fashion?? Good old marble, the dated interior option from your grandmothers house. Not so dated now. In fact rather special and very cool:



  1. Oh wow! HaHaHa I've always like marble floors though. Never thought about other uses.

  2. I love the look of marble used anywhere,it is a timeless classic and beautiful, if used correctly!!

  3. Cool looking lamp and lovely interiors! :-)

  4. I have a chest of drawers with a marble top - funny you should mention grandmothers, I inherited it from my grandparents ;-) Love the pictures, I didn't really think marble ever went completely out of fashion... Hope you're having some sunshine today xo

  5. was marble dated? I didn't know... looks great :)

  6. Here never went out of fashion.
    Specially in kitchens and bathrooms.
    But then our precious Marbles from the South of the Country are so precious that you wouldn't get rid of it for dear life ;) ahahahah

    Some years ago there was also a scandal because people learned that there was some Marble of Carrara that was being sold as such (as payed grandly for it) but in fact came from our country :).

    I love a marble top in a old piece of furniture. Yes, it reminds of grandmother's home where all was timeless and happy and safe.

    Not so much in floors and walls but probably because I'm so inconstant in my likings that hubby would bury me below it before laying the last stone ahahahah

    But recently everything seems to be back... I wish I'd kept some of those 80's lamps. They'd give your Mr. Artichoke lamp a run but we couldn't wait to get rid of it ahahahah.

    Beyond the marble I love the look of that bathroom :dream:

  7. That first kitchen is my dream! I love that they have made marble look so modern.

  8. Not sure I want it back.... although very much in fashion xx

  9. Marble looks so beautiful and so elegant.

  10. I was in love at the Artichoke light. Just beautiful ;-)


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