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Hello Weather - we need more sunshine please - not too much rain, nor snow, but if you must send rain, please send this umbrella too. LOVE me xx
PS: Happy weekend everyone :)

I spoke to an Australian friend the other day, and she didn't get why I (we) obsessed so much about the weather, and it made me think! Do I do it because the sun is rarely out here up North, sunlight is scarce, so when it's supposed to be 'Spring/Summer' and sun is playing hide and seek - do we therefor obsess more about those golden rays, or is it only me. Do you get sun obsessed too??

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  1. Hoping for some sunshine here too... Have a lovely weekend! Bisous xo

  2. I am really lucky since we have sun all year around in Barcelona but I do understand perfectly! It was one of the reasons that made me stay 20 something years ago when I came from Germany... Have a good weekend, Anya!

  3. I hope you get some sunshine, it's out here today!! I know what you mean, when its been ages since you've had sun, you do get fed up and think on it over and over. I think if your in a place that has sun, it's easy to forget what it's like for others who do not!! I hope some comes soon doll. Have a great weekend xx

  4. Yes, I do Anya ;-)
    We only see it in small bursts...I miss it!
    Have a lovely weekend whether the sun shines or not ;-)

  5. summers are so short and capricious here, I totally get why we obsess about the weather. easy for Australians to belittle. happy weekend xxx

  6. You are absolutely right - we don't get enough of the sun and hot weather not to be slightly obsessed about those moments - and last winter was way too long!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I truly like all kinds of weather and would happily endure a bit of rain if only I could get my hands on this fab umbrella! Ha en skoen weekend Anya. xxx

  8. Not exactly obsessed but I like to trust or know what to expect and lately it has been completely unpredictable.
    I expect to have a Spring when is due, Autumn too... Summer and Winter I give a more tolerant aproach ahahahah

    But I'm with you - if I have to have rain, send it on a day I'm prepared to enjoy it ahahahahah - a gorgeous and happy-inducing umbrella like that (Thanks, A!), a trendy trench coat, an unfrizzed hair, nice wellies are also welcome... can it be? No? Well, in that case I don't want more rain. And I want some of the sun I'm having to be sent Anya's way ;)

    Wishing you a warm and lovely weekend,

  9. Well I don't blame you for feeling this way. People who live in Oregan and Washington State also yearn for the sun. I'm sending you sunny wishes! Love you Anya!

    Shauna xoxoxox The picture is fantastic.

  10. Come to Brazil, here the sun shines even in winter. But we don't have snow, only the sun shinning all year long.

  11. Hope you get some sunshine soon. I don't feel as happy when it constantly rains or is cloudy.

  12. Living on the 'Sunshine Coast' here in Australia leaves me feeling slightly obsessed about all the great weather we get most of the year. We are spoilt and really only get 3 months of cool air temperature and some cloudy days but still look forward to the end of those 3 months, and we don't even get snow here. Hope you feel some sunlight on your skin soon. Sending you much bliss, Heather xx

  13. Of COURSE I´m obsessed, we have so little sun in our countries that it´s no wonder...! :-)

  14. Alla pratar väder utom din vän :-)

    Ha det bäst!

  15. I never thought much about the weather except when there was extreme heat in the other places we have lived. Here, we obsess over the weather!


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