Scandinavian on a Thursday


Delightful monochromatic Swedish home. As a colour lover, I must admit I am steering myself towards a more clean palette, with a few splashes of colour here and there. I am just loving how easy it is on the eye. Could I pull it off? Doubt it, as I do like my mad bits and bobs everywhere - but I still appreciate this :)

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  1. Gorgeous place, I love the cool! And those mirrors. Happy Thursday doll :) xx

  2. That's beautiful, though I'd probably add a little bit more old/battered/vintage touches to warm it up a little. Love that mirror with the leather strap! And the cute dog!!! Hope it's sunny now in Denmark, have a lovely day xo

  3. Fabulous sofa, chairs and tables :D

  4. There's a page I like in facebook that's called - something in the line, because right now I can't access and confirm the name - Typo... they are always dropping suggestions for using letters in decor.
    They could learn from your suggestions. That's an amazing home.
    And there's something comforting in a white canvas - you can add the colour when and where you want it.
    Precious place!
    Thank you for sharing,

    1. You are welcome sweetie - loads of type everywhere - very cool and on trend. Will have a look for this page. Have a lovely weekend Teresa,

  5. Is it just me that sees 2pictures 2x?

    Anyway love the first pic. Very stylish, the floor, the sheepskin....yum!!! xx
    Hope it's beautiful and sunny:-)

    1. Ha ha - no you are right - same picture 1 and 3 ha ha - must have been tired when I did this post. Thanks for being observant :)

  6. fabulous. blacks, whites and grey will always be my favourites, even though I do have a thing for colours at the moment... xxx

  7. Love this house Anya. The mirror, Gubi I suppose is great!
    And big compliment for your new blogstyle, love the lettertype.
    Have a good week.


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