Rainbow bottles


Today I thought about doing some DIY Spring bottles for the home.

This is how we could do it:

Get some bottles,

Get some paint,
Mix it into the color of your choice,
Use a large syringe and fill paint into the bottle,
Shake it up,
Use a plastic water container with water,
Put the flowers in the rainbow bottles,
How lovely :) now I hope you ENJOY this too.
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  1. Love the colours! And I always did wonder how flowers (which need water) could be kept in the bottles when the paint would dissolve - now I know! Thanks! :-) xo

  2. I pinned this DIY a while ago, too. Such a simple and beautiful idea! And perfect for somebody like me - I find it difficult to throw away interesting bottles. :)

  3. great idea! The result is too shunny not to make it a try! I have some empty though beautiful bottles (which I never knew what would I do with them?...) and to implement this idea would be the best thing to do! :)
    thank you for sharing, Anya! And have a lovely day!

  4. I saw these on your pinterest!!! You are such a talented crafty girl!!!!

  5. oh wow anya! i love these! i want to do that! hahaha the colors are so pretty. the combinations are endless. great idea chicadee!

  6. Those are so gorgeous!! I'll have to make some of these myself, such a great idea :)) Pops of colour, wonderful!! The little monkey was asleep ;) I don't know how on earth any one could sleep like that, but he made me sleepy watching, haha :) Hope you are having a great day my sweet, it's finally a sunny day here, I've been out enjoying it and hoping it will last now :)) Xx

  7. They are so pretty, love the colors!

  8. I love it all! The paint colors, the bottles, the way you photographed them. You are so great. I want to see more of your home. Love to you!

    Shauna xo

  9. wow, these are beautiful :)

  10. Thanks very much for all the lovely comments - i have however NOT done this DIY - I wish but the lady from the link above did, I merely reblogged :))
    Have a go anyways though - I know I will - and the blog it ;)

  11. Hahaha! I knew you didn't do it but it could have been:-)

    What a great project... love it. Might give it a go xx


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