Mette Hagedorn owner/designer of Base 212 - has designed her home with a cool retro feel encompassing many designs from the shop. I love the mix of old furniture, upcycled furniture, graphic prints and wallpaper here and there. A very cozy and cool home in my book. Happy weekend everyone, here it is sunny, the sky is blue and I am loving it even though it's only 12 degrees :)


  1. Another gorgeous place! And all that space! I'm in the wrong country, all the minuscule living spaces here drive me mad - well, of course there are big homes available, but I have yet to win the lottery ;-)

    The wallpaper in the last picture is great!

    Have a wonderful and sunny weekend and fun with the girls xo

  2. It's a gorgeous home, I like that they have it filled with lots of things against the plain background & use different materials to give it life and design. Just gorgeous. I hope you have a wonderful weekend doll :)) Enjoy the sunshine with your family :))) xo

  3. Beautiful and very cosy home!
    Wishing you and the family a wonderful and sunny weekend! x

  4. As you say, graphic and vintage style create an amazing atmosphere!

  5. Love the lamps - great place! :-)

  6. A great retro feel here...we have sun too Anya ;-)
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Catherine xx

  7. I love the sofa's and chairs so cool! Omg'd 12 degrees! I shouldn't complain about our sudden 50 degree weather. HaHa Have a great weekend Anya!

  8. I love mixing retro with shabby chic. Anya, I'm back! My favorite post that I missed was your daughter doing dance. She is so precious and you get the best pictures. I lvoe the angle and perspective of your pictures. Missed you! Take care,

    Shauna xo

  9. love this. especially the wallpaper!!


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