Scandinavian on a Thursday


Being Danish we have a proud tradition of classic design furniture, and one of my all time favorite pieces is THE POET sofa by Finn Juhl, originally designed for his own home. I love the little stubby legs, the curved back and the buttons. Oh the coveted buttons.

As it comes with a rather hefty price tag around 5.800 € 
I have found a few acceptable substitutes:

Polo sofa ILVA price 930€
Stockholm sofa Idé Møbler 800€
Bath button sofa Graham & Greene 1100 €
I love how stylish your home can look with a cute little 2 seater sofa, whether you go for the real deal or one of these lovely lookalikes. Happy Thursday!


  1. That last sofa with the colored buttons is awesome!!!! I love it so much! Take care Anya,

    Shauna xoxoxox

  2. They are really nice! Love the green and cream one.

  3. Beautiful - like candy! :-)

  4. Love those seaters, they are gorgeous. I'd only have trouble deciding on the colour, haha! I actually quite enjoy the green one as well :))) Hope you are having a great day doll and the sun is shining. It's finally come out here, so we'll have to see how long it lasts ;) haha! xx

  5. nice. I especially love the first pic!! happy thursday xxx

  6. Happy Thursday, Anya!
    I want to commend you a job. You need to go to your Crown Princes Palace and refurbish and re-decorate it. How can people with such great taste and wonderful sources mess up?! Obviously they don't know you and your wonderful choices.
    I'm hopeless for capitone - I believe that's the style of those a-m-a-z-i-n-g sofas. :in love:
    Take Care, Beautiful,

  7. Love those images and the one from Graham and Greene looks beautiful! I'd love to have a sofa like this, but in practical terms I have to say that we need something to lounge on and we don't have the space for a second "pretty" sofa :-( Maybe one day... Hope you're having a lovely day and a little bit of sunshine xo

  8. I love those sofas, but having almost bought a similar one, I wouldn't actually have it in my home... They look stunning and adorable, but I can't imagine being comfortable on it. Unless, of course, I sit, all prim and proper, in my pencil skirt and kitten heels... But yes, gorgeous... x

  9. Stunning! I would love a couple of these in my home.


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