Danish style summerhouse


On the very top of Denmark - a place where 2 seas meet is the dainty town of Skagen. Many of our most famous artists resided there, and painted. This place is exactly what I think of when I think of a danish summer house/cottage. Treasures found by the sea, pebbles, fresh flowers, blue skies (if we're lucky:) relaxing interiors, and just that cool summer feeling. Danish summer at it's best. Happy Monday everybody - hope your week is bliss.



  1. Dear Anya

    I like that summerhouse very much. It has an amazing styling with lots of interessting details. Would be nice to spent summerholidays there...

    Have a wonderful day.



  2. Yes, please, right now after a wintery weekend in Hannover. Wanna come with me, Anya? :-)

  3. Happy Monday Anya!! I hope your week starts off brilliantly :) This place is lovely. It would be a great time staying here in the summer moments. Love all the little details. I hope you have a gorgeous week doll. Love to you xx

  4. That looks so cozy! Makes me wanna renovate my house completely!

  5. This is probably one of my favorite homes shared by you this year.
    I can see myself there suring Summer - your Summer which is more suave than ours - and also, if possible, during the Winter.
    Such a cosy and lovely place.
    Thank you for ahring!
    Have a nice week, Sunshine Girl!

  6. I love the details. It definitely provokes images of seaside and summer. Fabulous pillows and accents.

  7. This I LOVE Anya...absolutely perfect!
    Have a great week.
    Catherine xx

  8. I love all of the white. My favorite colors to design with are creams, white, light pinks, etc, but with kids I've chosen a lot of darks. It's just more practical for now. I have touches of whites and the like.

    I want a summer house in Lake Tahoe. I love it there. Take care,

    Shauna xo

  9. Looks like a perfect retreat. The light streaming into the house is amazing. Love the white wooden floors. Have a lovely week xx

  10. Anya!
    This is so cool. We just bought a summer cottage last year, that needs a lot of renovations until it will be done!
    I love the natulal kitchen wall. It is a perfect match with the white kitchen!
    Thanks for sharing!


  11. What a lovely summer style home! Thanks for sharing Anya! x


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