Gardone Rivieria


Last year I lost my heart in Lago di Garda. An astonishing place in Italy, a lake and surroundings so lush and green I am forever inspired. Today is another opportunity to explore the wonders of the area. A brand new refurbished place - right on the western shore, available to rent. Clean, fresh and only a few steps from the lake - Petite Maison du Lac might be the tonic you're looking for. I'm already dreaming away again. So have a look here, book a room, get away and enjoy the magic. 
Happy Saturday. Ciao xox

Via the amazing blog  Giato Salo 


  1. Looks beautiful! Hope you´ll get a lovely weekend. :-)

  2. This post it's very nice! Grazie Anja! Petit Maison au lac is always open for you!Take your suitcase and come here! I want to see you again!!! <3

  3. Great and peaceful.

  4. So tranquil indeed - happy Sunday Sacremento x

  5. It looks beautiful...very calm and peaceful. I imagine staying there would leave one with the same feeling. x

  6. Now that's an amazing view both inside and out! hahaha I wish I could book a room there.


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