You know the corners in your home with only a few things on, they're lifeless, boring and not exactly inspiring? Here are a few ideas on how to create cozy, and cool little vignettes in your home. Design a small collection of things, change a few bits and bobs around, create a mood, a feeling: A bouquet of flowers, few flea-market finds, ceramics, candles, brushes, beads, whatever tickles your fancy. Does this make sense - have a look here for inspiration.

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  1. Dear Anya,

    I like them all - good choices!

    Have a happy day


    PS. The chilenian woman found a babysitter herself. Thanks for your time anyway!

  2. Good ideas. I, for the first time feel like my home is my home. For the most party when I look around I like what I see. Man it took a long time. Decorating and getting a feel for what you really like or don't like takes a learning curve for sure. Thank you for your lovely ideas.

    Shauna xoxoxoxo

  3. These are pretty! Love the last one, where everything is under glass casing. So pretty! A very nice touch.

  4. Love the one at the top, with the stripes it's so grand!! I would have liked to see the whole room, haha!! Love little settings like these. I hope you have a marvellous day doll xx

  5. And a wonderful way of changing things up too...bringing old favourites out of cupboards and swapping things around...amazing how it can change the atmosphere of a room so simply. These all have that Anya look about them! Stylish and natural at the same time. x

  6. stunning. love the colour scheme you went for too :)

  7. Love them all! And I'm now off to create a few vignettes of my own xx

  8. Love the feathers hon-is that a bloomingville shot? Jon always laughs when I start little vignettes all over the house! Cant think why?! xxx

  9. We are looking for a house in Málaga, so I am very interested in deco at the moment.
    Great choice, dear Anya.

  10. Lovely inspirations, Anya! The first one is so chic and effortless!

    Have a beautiful day, my sweet friend!



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