Summer style


As I am counting down to our Summer break (not long now), this collection from French connection puts me in the right mood, for sunshine, a light breeze and total relaxation. I adore the wooden candleholders :)
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  1. Bring it on...looking forward to being able to expose my sun starved toes again ; ) Love the freshness and tranquility of white ; )

  2. They are cool and so are those lamps! Hurry on Summer break! I know you can't wait.

  3. The desk lamps are so cool!

  4. great selection :)

  5. Love the images! I bet you are really itching to get going on your vacation! It has been so nice here for the past few's always humid here but a nice breeze was in order today, a great day to go down to the Gulf and walk around. :)


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