It's my party


Today is my Birthday - so I'd like to invite you to my virtual party:

The invite is naturally very me
As it is a fancy affair I'd wear something like this
We will be dining outside as it is still wonderfully warm in August
Dinner is casual but fancy
Bring on the cake, and please do not attempt to count the candles
I'm a girl, so I still love presents
                                                 Please don't ever let anyone dull your sparkle!
Hope you enjoyed my little party. Today I am celebrating with family and friends. 
Have a lovely Sunday!!


  1. Stort tillykke, Happy Birthday, søde!

  2. Dear Anya,

    ups... so... happy birthday to you today.

    I wish you an amazing day and thanks for the wonderful party-idea!

    Are you at the fair the next week?



  3. Congrats Anya, have a lovely day with lots of presents, kisses and happiness! x

  4. Wonderful...Happy Birthday dear girl, I hope you enjoy yourself & all your wishes come true! Lots of loves & hugs Xxx

  5. Have a wonderful day and I wish you a great new birthday year with a lot of happy experiences!

  6. Happy Birthday all the way from Australia!!!!! Sending you sooooo much bliss, Heather xx

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  8. I've pinned all that too ahahahah Great place to dream and live a dream for a while.
    Happy Birthday, Sweetest Girl E-V-E-R!!!
    May you be hillariously Happy and Fortunate in the "new" Year.
    Teresa (from Sunny Portugal)

  9. Happy birthday dear sweet Anya! I hope you have a wonderful day! I have three grandchildren who's birth day's are in August... Definitely a great month to be born! Carpe Diem..seize the day.

  10. Happy Birthday lovely Anya.

    Thank you for the virtual invite to this most glorious and Anyaish Party. I gladly accept.
    Hope you will be spoilt rotten today fellow August Birthday girl xx

  11. What a great post and so fitting for you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thinking of you and wishing a wonderful happy day and year to come. Love,

    Shauna xo

  12. A very happy belated birthday wish to you! =)

  13. I hope that you had the absolute BEST day celebrating!! Looking forward to our little birthday date so I can spoil you, too!

  14. Happy Birthday Anya! I saw your cake on instagram. So nice girl! Glad you had a great birthday and love your virtual one.

  15. Happy Birthday, dear Anya!
    FAB party! And I know you've had a marvelous day? it cannot be different!
    Many hugs,

  16. oh, I'm reading your latest posts backwards.... sorry to have missed your birthday. and happy birthday yet again xxxx

  17. THANKS THANKS for my lovely greetings everyone - I had the BEST day woohoo. Love Birthdays <3 <3

  18. Anya, happy belated birthday! Sorry for not visiting as frequently. Love that little black dress you picked, it's gorgeous! Also love the beautiful table setting with the hanging bulbs. Hope you had a terrific time with friends and family on your special day!



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