Sweet September


Autumn is slowly moving closer. We still have sunshiny days, but there is a certain well-known chill in the air. I {almost} look forward to the beauty of Autumn - but not yet. Today I took the girls for a hyggelig walk in the meadows close to our home, with their little cousin too. They all enjoyed it very much indeed. Happy Sunday everyone.


  1. Just a little bit more sun would be fine ;)
    Take care X

  2. Sweet indeed. I love september and autumn.
    Beuatiful pic. Are they your girls?

    1. 2 of them are mine - the little one in the middle is my niece ;-)

  3. Happy September 1!!!! This photo is simply sweet, I love the curiosity behind it. :) xx

  4. Happy September to you! I am loving the sunshine we are having this weekend - just lovely!

  5. It's starting to feel cooler here as well, Anya. Even on sunny days it's not as hot as it was. I'm excited for autumn - I love it!

  6. A beautiful image. I love summer but I'm only resisting Autumn because of the shorter days and early darkness. Have a good week. x

  7. Jag planterade höst i mina blomlådor i går. Höst i form av ljung. För hur mycket jag än älskar sommaren och så mycket jag gärna vill ha den kvar, lite till.....så är det formellt höst nu. Den är fin den också. Vacker så vacker kan den bli. Luften blir klar. Välkommen höst!

    Ha det gott

  8. Oh, I'm so with you. There's a definite chill in the air but the days are still beautiful. Today is another stunner. I have a Lunch meeting at home and can actually eat Al-Fresco, in September.... hooray!!!

    Love the Pic.
    Here's to a great September. You not coming for London Design Festival???

  9. So lovely. I look forward to Autumn as well. Can't wait till the leaves turn all kinds of golden colours :))) It's cooler here after all the heat, which is quite lovely. I hope you have a grand Autumn time my sweet! xx

  10. Anya, I am so looking forward to Autumn. I'm trying to get prepared now. Love this picture.

  11. It's still very warm here. No chill in the air...but plenty of RAIN! LOL


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