This works!


Do you know when you come across a home that is so coherent and where everything just fits. This is a home like this, where everything seems to go together well. Very eclectic, but crazy cool, I am in awe of the ceiling with the stars (as well as everything else really).  What do you think?? Your thing or way  too out there? 

Today Mr. Thunder is having a huge fight with Mr. Lightning - so I'm sitting indoors enjoying the spectacle. Happy Wednesday people.

photography Karel Balas 


  1. wonderful impressions. looks fantastic.
    great inspiration.
    maren anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  2. This is a wonderful home, I love love love it!! The little details are exquisite, especially the stars on the ceiling, love that!! Beautiful. Have a gorgeous day doll xx

  3. No -love it too hon! Particularly the picture wall-just stunning!Enjoy the storm-I'm off to Design Junction shortly-so great-you should come over for it one year ;-) Happy Wednesday sweetie xx

  4. Definitely works, maybe a bit too much sepia/brown-ish colours for me (I prefer greys), but it really works beautifully. Amazing ceiling, would love that too :-)

  5. Not my way. But my way of Life.
    As in a home I'd visit from time to time and feel like arriving Home.
    Makes any sense? Yeah, thought so too... that's why it's so good to say those things here - you get the crazy cool as no one else does.
    Now I'm pinning this as mad as there are too much good details I absolutely love and crave...
    Dont make me envy you! Thunder, really?!?!?!? Oh, how I wish...
    Sending a bit of this eternal sun your way to warm your Wednesday as you warmed mine with thos oh-so-fabulous-home.
    Teresa xox

  6. I'm glad you posted close-ups of that chandelier and lighting. So pretty. Love the stars too.

  7. Hi Anya,

    I love these photos! The ceiling is so cool and I love the drawing over the bed...simple and beautiful.

  8. Great home, love the ceiling! It´s nice with a thunderstorm when you´re inside. :-)

  9. Give me a thunderstorm and this place. Perfect!
    Just the right mix of eclecticism, romanticism and sheer brave interior.
    Magic, wouldn't you say?


  10. stunning. love all the faded colours. and some of the art work is just amazing. happy thursday xxx

  11. I love the clocks and the picture of that child. I could see that being one of my children. So endearing. I love it. Take care,

    Shauna xo

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