Tiles tiles tiles in this fantastic home from 1870 located i Savona, Italy.  I love how these amazing floors makes up for the very sparse and bare interiors throughout. A cool and different home indeed. What do you reckon? Too cool or too cold!


  1. Love it and it works really well in this particular home because it's in Italy and in a mediterranean climate - not sure it'd work this well in the UK... xo

  2. I like the last set of tiles design. Would be easy to keep clean and tidy, but I always think it would be cold if you had them in the UK, so I'd have to save for under floor heating or something too. But, they are gorgeous. Have a lovely day doll xo

  3. Cool. And Cold. As in the sense of brrrr. Trust me. After a while you can't wait to get rid of them.
    Tile on the floors is best with less patron if you know what I mean.
    But - hey - it's their home - which is gorgeous by the way and I really love the way they worked, and decorated, the transition between the rooms - the objects that decorate the next space and the glimpses it gives you when you're heading there :)
    This people have great taste. Definetly a great taste but different home - just like you like them ;).
    Thank you for sharing,

    P.S. Don't let the Mediterranean climate fool you - it's still cold (not as much as North of Europe but still) and humid and tile floors aren't that comfortable during those months

  4. Love tiles in general ... the result is beautiful for the vision through the rooms but there are too many patterns for my taste. I prefer an uniform look or an amazing look in one or two rooms (not everywhere)

  5. Love this fresh idea. The honeycomb pattern is beautiful.

  6. I like the first photo. Of course, I love blue and white. Here in Florida, tiles would be welcomed. Our entire duplex is tiled and it feels wonderful on bare feet 10 months out of the year. So easy to take care of ( I have a steamer with a pad on it that cleans and sanitizes with only distilled water. Quick and easy!

  7. I'm really into black and white tiling right now. These are such great choices!

  8. wow, these are fabulous!!!

  9. Ooh I love tiled floors sweetie. I'd so like to do our upstairs bathroom one day. I wish we'd been a bit more inventive with our flooring-,maybe in our grown up house, one day ! ;-) xx


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