Dark and white


Amazing monochrome home of the cool Danish fashion designer David Andersen. What a fab place with cool interior ideas to steal. Do you think B&W is King, or show me the paintbrush please. Weekend is here so hope you have fun. 
via Femina


  1. How gorgeous is that living room! And I love the pop of pink on the dining table legs too. I love the black and white look when it has a little of something else mixed in-woods, grey, a neon pop, or even an ethnic rug. Why doesn't my home look like that?! Happy weekend gorgeous xx

  2. These are beautiful..I like the ones with the shot of colour in them the most, so cool :) I hope you've had a wonderful week doll. Have a stunning weekend x

  3. It's beautiful! The only reason I wouldn't want one for myself is because it would feel a bit cold over here... But design-wise - perfection! x

  4. it's amazing. I think black and white always works. and you can add a splash of colour here and there without taking away from it. happy weekend xx

  5. I like the black and white contrast in any design style. I'm not a big fan modern design and always thought that style a bit cold and the furniture hard to sit in.
    I do like the fur skins covering the chairs. Have a fun and happy weekend.

  6. I'm loving that black lamp and chair. So cool.


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