A spot of (virtual) Christmas shopping


We are going to London for Christmas - so I have been 'dream' shopping even before I get there. One of my absolute favorite shops is Graham & Green (I used to frequent their Kings Rd store - a lot:). I have managed to limit myself, so here is a little list for the Mr. :
 metal letter lights - need me the A


  1. Love Graham & Green, I could buy the whole shop....stunning and marvellous items there :)))) I hope you go and find lots you love doll. Happy Wednesday xx

  2. Christmas in London is pretty, they street lighting is just jaw dropping. Hope you are having a wonderful time. And yes, get you an A, better a double A :-) xo

  3. London sound like a wonderful place to be during Christmas!

  4. I want one of each item!! I've been searching for metal letters too and find I'm having a hard time as most are extremely expensive. I found some zinc ones on Anthropologie's website but the reviews weren't very good. I'm going to keep looking. I'd like to get letters to spell out HOME. Wish me luck. Enjoy your Thanksgiving in London...you are a lucky girl! :-)

  5. ha, I'm going to London for Christmas too. but i'm much less excited. nice collection though :)

  6. Nice things! I wish you could pack me up and take me with you! London will be NICE! Enjoy!


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