By lassen


Remember the By Lassen event I attended the other week. Well I just wanted to share their new collection. The wallpaper Flow comes in 2 shades and are all hand printed. Mogens Lassen designed this for a wallpaper competition in 1946 and won - no wonder if you ask me.  Another newbie are the new shelving units called Frame. You can stack them or hang them - I adore the versatility. Then there are the old architect drawings reworked by the fabulous Kristina Dam, I love these prints too. All in all a coherent and very cool collection true to the the ideas and aesthetics of The Lassen brothers. 
Happy weekend everyone.


  1. I like it on the wall, but I also like it on the little stands as well, this is the kind of wallpaper though, that if it isn't put up right on the wall and not aligned, I will sit and notice it straight away, haha. But, I do like it :)) Happy Friday doll...have a wonderful weekend with your family and princesses xx

  2. Thanks Kizzy - and you're right with wallpaper you need to know what you're doing :) Happy weekend sweets,

  3. I love that wallpaper! I'm glad I'm not the only one into masculine geometric wallpaper :D

    1. Love this too Dora, the beige one is less masculine than the blue - lovely pattern though right :)

  4. I think that wall paper is splendid! :-)

  5. Their shelving is so unique. Loving the wallpaper.

  6. Fabulous wallpaper, it's so cool and stylish! Thanks for sharing.



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