Dark and stormy


Tonight we are brazing ourselves for another mega storm - so I found this picture from National Geographic very fitting. Busy busy here, and Audrey managed to sprain her ankle - so 3.5 hours were spent in the E:R. Happy Thursday everyone, and be careful out there!!!


  1. Aouch, I hope Audrey is better. We had the same "nice" experience on Saturday night for my younger son ... 3 hours at the ER instead of being at a concert we were all waiting for months. The picture is beautiful, I love lighthouses but it must be frightening to be in there with such a weather outside! Take care xxi.

  2. A kiss to Audrey for a quick recovery!

  3. Stormy warnings everywhere. It was not too bad in London but I felt it on the Vespa.
    Hope you guys are safe.

    Poor little Audrey. Swift recovery.
    Happyweekends sweets. Xx

  4. Amazing picture. I hope the storms there weren't too bad. We've had crazy ones here as well. I hope Audrey's ankle heals ok!! xx

  5. Shiiiiit et vildt billede. Godt man ikke lige var der - håber I er kommet fornuftigt igennem det dårlige vejr - her er det vist gået meget fint, ingen faldne tagsten i denne omgang :-)

  6. Be safe Anya and I hope Audrey's ankle heals quickly.

  7. I'm just catching up on my blogs, and I wonder if it's a little late to say that I hope you'll be safe... xoxo

  8. I hope Audrey's ankle heals quickly. There is nothing worse than a sprained ankle. I hope the storm isn't too bad. We are planning a trip back to Texas to spend Christmas with daughter and the grandkids...they just got a layer of freezing rain and about 3 inches of snow on top of that with freezing temps expected throughout the next 3-4 days. That is something that rarely happens there!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend! :-)


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