Do I spot a trend here?


Another Danish home belonging to one of the owners of danish webshop Mimi's Circus, a haven for kids (and adults) who adore pretty, whimsical toys and furniture. The apartment - an old postoffice, is situated in Copenhagen, and has a lovely selection of designer furniture as well as cool antiques collected in France. Looks a lot like the one from yesterday :)
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  1. There is some happy vibe on yesterday's that I can't feel on this one. I'm not saying it doesn't exist, mind you. Sometimes is just the way the photos are taken.... more for magazine or more for "you could move here today" fashion ;).
    But this has lovelier pieces, I think. But yesterday's was a winner. It didn't look so grey. Probably. I don't know what is. I'd take my favorite items from this one - one or two trunks would do ahahahah but I'd take those prints, art and hotos in my own car as I wouldn't trust them not to ruin such wonder :P - and move into the other. Definetly a trend. It's the way you play with it and add yourself that makes the difference, I guess.
    Have a wonderful day, Sweet A!

  2. I love their use of pictures. Gorgeous lighting.

  3. Beautiful home, love the light that comes through there against the grey walls. Gorgeous x

  4. I really love all the art in this house!

  5. I tell you, blue, grey, wood, leather, brass and plants - it's my trend definition right now:-) happy week my friend!

  6. I love the kids room but not a big fan of the rest of the house. I really liked the one yesterday (with the exception of the heads) LOL


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