Have you heard of Trinny & Susannah?? They give ladies (in need) full make-overs, and a bag of confidence. I am a huge fan of what they do (perhaps not necessarily their chosen clothes - for me that is!) but in my book, making ladies look and feel sexy and happy within themselves can only be a great thing. We're tough enough on ourselves most times. 

Well this here is Trinny's London home. Nicely decked out with beautiful furniture, bits and bobs, cool matching cushions, a few eclectic touches and a lovely gallery wall where she displays some of her favorite moments. I think it's very her. And I think most ladies would love a day or two with that shoe cabinet.
via Femina


  1. Hi Sweetie, welcome back (or maybe I just managed to miss previous posts from this year?), I hope you've had a lovely Christmas and New Year. This is no doubt a great house, but there are parts of it which don't really work for me. Love the eclectic living room and details like the beautiful big sash window, but then I feel I get hit with a kitchen that is way too cool and that weird floor to ceiling sliding door. Not sure, not sure... ;-) xo

  2. Hey Carole, do you know I actually thought the same when I saw it, almost like the kitchen doesn't quite fit in. But lovely nonetheless. Hope you had a wonderful start to the new year. Ax

  3. wow, this sure is a beautiful home.

  4. Her home is adorable! I wish I had that fireplace

  5. Oh WOW! Trinny's home is super fabulous! I love every room. That's awesome what the two of them do.

  6. Anya,

    Very cool place. Loads of shoes that are very nice but if I tried to wear any of the high heeled ones I wouldn't be able to stand up let alone walk in them. Sigh...oh to get old!!!

  7. Happy New Year honey! What a gorgeous living room and I love all the little eclectic details against that pure white background - lush lush lush! Agree with Carole about the kitchen and big sliders - it almost looks like those pictures are of a different space entirely! But overall, a gorgeous space :) xx

  8. WOW, WOW, WOW !
    Happy New Year !
    Glaeder mig til ogsaa at foelge Din blog i 2014 !

  9. Bits are great, bits are boring! As for Trinny & Susannah, TV is better without them:-) If she has any sense, she'll stay away from Charles Saatchi!
    Apart from that, I hope you feel better sweetie and I wish you a fab weekend with the Angels of Copenhagen xxx

    1. Ha ha yes she ought to steer clear of him indeed:) Thanks and happy weekend to you too xx


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