Lovely interiors


Stunning apartment with all the right components if you ask me. I'm crazy about the library wall, and the quirky tidbits everywhere. I myself love using old flea market stuff alongside current cool design and I think they've done very well here. Also notice the lovely high ceilings. What do you think? Your thing or not for me thanks :)
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  1. The second picture is my favourite. I love the way this corner feels... the mixture of rustic and classic. x

  2. Love the wall of books and this last picture, so lovely xx

  3. I especially like the living room and the second picture is my favorite, just like Natalia!

  4. Interiors that start with a library are always LOVEly for me. I'm going to pin that!!!!
    My Thing. Definetly! I love how only the library seems to have taken some work do and the rest of the house is just to live in peace, warmth and a bit of whimsy. Definetly My Thing!
    Thank you for sharing,

  5. I love the fourth picture down so much. Love it.

    Shauna xoxoxo

  6. Beautiful and simple...Libraries are back in style! x

  7. Gorgeous interior. I love the white rooms and the bookshelf. Although, I would hate to dust it. LOL. I still would like to have it in my home.

  8. the white background is nice. the bookshelf is amazing. love it.

  9. Hi Anya, funny I was just writing how I dream of a library wall and here it is! I also adore butterfly chairs, so elegant and comfortable. Mel


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