Ohh I adore the Oscars - and especially the hype about the Best dress(ed) on the Red carpet. Today though I found this infographic in Cosmopolitan - which shows us THE dress worn by the Best Actress since 1929. Lovely to see the development of style throughout the  years. Glamourous whatever the era. I look forward to seeing Cate Blanchett's dress here too - she is AH-mazingHappy Monday folks.



  1. Gorgeous frocks...I always love to see what people are wearing...though some look terrible, haha. But, it's always fun to watch. I was happy that Jared Leto won :) I hope you have a gorgeous week doll xx

  2. This year was probabl one of the best... because it's not only the dresses anymore but the way you dress it. I watched Charlese Theron arriving and I went to bed feeling so homely thank you ahahahahah
    Yay for Jared. I was rooting for Meryl but when they gave the Oscar to Brad well they could pretty well have done whatever else they wanted... it was about time. Leo your time will come!!! I really want to get home and watch everything in detail - they start it too late for the other side of the Earth to watch.
    Hope you had a good weekend and are in for a warm and sweet week ahead,

  3. I love this illustration and the Oscars is fun! :-)

  4. What a fun illustrated travel through the history of Oscar fashion! I must admit I watched it yesterday only until 2 a.m. (phew, gotta work today) but I really loved how Lupita looked like and I loved her dress (if I can say that as a guy:-)). Happy Monday!

  5. This is wonderful...I loved Cate's dress too...she is as you say AH-mazing!
    Have a great week, Anya xx

  6. I was rooting for Kate Blanchett to win. I loved the movie she was in...Blue Jasmine, it was a great movie and she was fantastic as only she can be!

  7. That chart is sooooooo cool! I love it! Loved Cate Blanchett's dress.


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