Oh I am so very fond of this apartment from Sweden. What lovely typography and cool current design everywhere, as well as sticking to a very monochrome palette (that I get more and more fond of). I started out with lots of colour - and now I'm turning Scandinavian ha ha :)
What do you think? So cool or not your usual style at all?
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  1. It's a beautiful apartment and it all looks really well put together. I can't quite put my finger on it, but there's something missing for me. It's not colour, I can see the textures are there, it's something else, a kind of softness or spontaneity maybe…?

    I hope you're well and you're having some sunshine. Spring seems to finally be on its way over here :-) xo

  2. Great interior design love it :) It looks so gresh and comfy ;)

  3. Gorgeous apartment, i like the light and space. I'd need some colour somewhere or fluffy things, haha. But, I like it any ways :)) I hope you have a gorgeous day doll xx

  4. i've always found typography to be so cool. lovely apartment.

  5. turning scandinavian….that's hilarious!!!

    the soft greys on the wall are a lovely tone - but being an australian, i just need a bit more colour here somewhere…..

  6. I love those shelves! Very lovely. The more I see of this design the more I like it.

  7. oh, fabulous. especially the living-dining area!!!


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