Dome of Visions


I always love exploring new things, and when I first saw the Dome of Visions - I knew I had to know more. Situated next to the Black Diamond Library in Copenhagen Harbour, it is indeed a Dome which was built as a project to envision how we can create buildings that are both sustainable in the broadest sense, and simultaneously energy-optimised. I went there with the girls and the Mr. and we all loved it. It has a special ambience inside, a calm tranquil atmosphere, and then it is beyond beautiful being able to look out, and get the perfect view of Copenhagen Harbour. I'd like to go back on a rainy day too - just to hear the raindrops on the glass roof. 
If you fancy knowing more, and for a list of upcoming events look here. What do you think? Don't you just love the architectural design of this. Absolutely fantastically FAB!!

The Dome of Visions project is about putting action into words and following through on new ideas in construction and urban thinking and planing. The dome is intended specially to inspire and to challenge regarding the solutions for the climate challenges to come.


  1. This place is amazing, my girls and I would love it too :) Stunning pictures xx

  2. This looks really amazing, like a wonderful living athmosphere in itself - especially during cold and grey winters I can imagine this as a wonderful green and bright retreat for the body and soul!

  3. That looks fantastic, I love the concept behind the dome!

  4. This is both beautiful and interesting, thanks for sharing. Love

    Shauna xoxoxoo

  5. Such a nice urban jungle in the middle of Copenhagen! That last picture is so quirky: your daughter looks so free and jolly! xx

  6. What a cool dome. I would really love seeing that. I bet the girls had a blast. I'd love to see something like that built in the US.


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