When the seasons change and the sun comes out to play, I always feel the need to get some summery things for my home. Well isn't it lucky that all brands have SS2014 collections in the shops now. I am forever a fan of danish brand OYOY. A  recent newcomer on the market, they have managed to hit the trends every season, and the best part of it is that their collections are fairly affordable. 

What I also adore these days, is browsing the look-books for styling tips. I mean these are complete homes, with everything a modern girl (like myself) need. So a big cadeau to stylists everywhere - they sell the stuff just as much as the photographers :)So next time I'll be sharing tips on how to style - I need to know this so it will be learning by doing !!  Watch this space.

 YEP I have the same screensaver... Need the rest though
 I'd have an A poster instead
 Lovely cushions. Also a big fan of the mustard tote on the side
The desserts in the left corner are danish 'flødeboller' =  Fluffy marsh-mellow dreams 
I absolutely adore the ceramic chopping boards!


  1. So cute, I like the geometric shapes, the chopping boards are super cool :)) I like the piles of pillows on the stairs, so sweet. Hope you have a gorgeous day doll xx

  2. I would just love a workspace like the one in the first pic. Mine is me, my laptop and my couch :(

  3. I agree my lovely-the look-books are just totally inspiring these days and so nice to hear someone else who appreciates that styling can help sell a product-there's been a lot of debate about that recently I've noticed!!! Going to catch up on your latest posts I've missed out on-Love OYOY-discovered them through Toni @skandivis who I can always rely on for her excellent Scandinavian choices!!! Hope you're week sweetie and that we get to see each other this year. Let's do a little project together soon ;-) xx

  4. So pretty and sweet!!! I often find myself thinking of some spring additions, too. Usually end up getting bunches of daffodils and new bits for the kitchen (mostly from H&M :) )

  5. Nice and very spring and summery. I love the spring of the year and all the pretty colors available. So many options to select from.

  6. There's so much you can learn from beautiful look books! Thanks for introducing me to OYOY, their Barbell cushion made me smile. I'd call it a bikini cushion. Perfect for an instant summer feeling ;)

  7. I like that kitchen table set up! Love the placemats and ducklings.


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