Chilled interiors


Finally the weekend is here - I have worked like a horse all week, and {NYC} is rapidly approaching.(I'm feeling I have 1000 things that needs doing and not much time to do them:) The weather has been somewhat miserable - so this here is an amazing summery house North of Copenhagen. I love the relaxed furniture and the style throughout. Hope you have a fab weekend.
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  1. Lovely bedroom! And I adore the ceiling window...

  2. Marvellous pictures doll, I hope you have a wonderful weekend & get everything done that needs to. Enjoy yourself xx

  3. Gorgeous rooms Anya! There's never enough time in a day. LOL You'll get it done. Have a great weekend.

  4. P.S. Looks like our daughter's share the same birthday :D I hope your daughter has a wonderful time & all her wishes come true :) Xxx

  5. stunning indeed :) happy weekend xoxo

  6. Ooh, this is lovely...very welcoming.
    Enjoy the Eurovision, Anya ;)
    I hope the sun shines in Copenhagen next weekend...we're heading to your wonderful city!
    Happy Weekend xx

  7. I love this house! So pretty! I hope you enjoy your visit to New York! Make sure to take loads of photos!

  8. Så mycket inspiration du bjuder oss på. Härligt!

    Vädret ja...har mer att önska!

    Ha det gott


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