I was utterly charmed when I stumbled across the work of chinese artist Oamul, a talented illustrator, who makes (amongst other things) these awesome GIF's out of his hand drawn illustrations. I absolutely adore these GIF's that has the right combination of beautiful colour, amazing skill, and quirky charm. Happy weekend folks - may your weekend be as cute as these:)

You can treat yourself to a look around Oamul's website or follow him on FB 


  1. So fun and cute - love them! :-)

  2. OMG this is beyond charming, Anya!! I love no. 2 of course:-) Happy weekend!

  3. I already love illustrations and the fact that they're animated makes them even more amazing. Love this!

  4. Ha...I love these so much!! Amazing....perfect to start the week, they are so charming!! xx

  5. Thanks for sharing, I had never seen it before!!
    Lovely work!!
    and those postcards I just might...

  6. Hello Sweet Anya.
    Just saw this today but it works for the week too, I guess ;). You can't have too much of charming in your life!!! ahahahah
    They are lovely. Like some painting you'd find being sold at Montmartre by a silent artist in incredible detail. I believe this kind of art appeals to the child in you - they remind our old storybooks where all were pastels, small and dreamy.
    Like it very much. Thanks for sharing,

  7. Yay, a post that makes me all smile from ear to ear! Rare to find! Thank you for that, Anya! :-)

  8. OMG!! I LOVE everything about his work. Totally bookmarked!
    Thank you for the inspiration and for sharing lovely xx

  9. Awww so cute and well executed! I love animated gifs and these are particularly rad! I think I need one of these green bikes to transport my jungle ;) Thanks for sharing these beauties. Hope you are well, Anya! xx


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