H&M home AW 2014


As you know, in the middle of Summer the Autumn Winter collections always get launched. And as it actually feels very much like winter here - freezing, wet, and grey, I have found myself quite a few things that I would be more than happy purchasing from the new AW 2014 from my firm favourite H&M home. SO p.l.e.a.s.e. bring on Summer - so I don't go to H&M and buy this stuff before time (you all know I will though right?:)

Is the weather good where you are, or wet, windy and grey like here? And what is it with our Nordic Summers - monsoon season anyone?!!


  1. I'm loving the bedding! It's super hot in Cincinnati right now.

  2. All looks rather cosy to me - but then we actually ARE in the middle of winter here in Australia. Has been incredibly mild until the last couple of weeks, when the mercury dropped dramatically and we have been having days of 13 degrees. (Yeah, yeah, I know it's mild by your standards!!) Hope you get a taste of summer soon though, or you won't be looking forward to autumn.

  3. Love the first picture, that is such a gorgeous mood!! All of these are cozy and lovely...stunning. Happy Wednesday doll xx

  4. It´s been raining for a couple of days in my parts of Sweden - the sun returned today though so that was lovely. :-)

  5. love the marble bedding too :)
    maybe it's time for a change?

    have a great day!

  6. Oh yes please! We do seem to have summer here for now, but we all know it won't last, so this will do just nicely ;-) Love all the greys mixed in with copper and the textures. Hope you'll have some sunshine soon xo

  7. No Summer. Not a real one at least. Some days we seem to have it announced, the other day you wake up and pull your hair thinking why oh why did you put the boots into winter storage ;) ahahahahah
    So I'll enjoy this gorgeousness and comfort brough by Anya and H&M Home - so much loveliness on the items and the catalog is enough to have your dreaming... so, I'm going.
    Take Care Dear A. Stay Cool, Warm... whatever ahahahah

  8. It's been a unstable Spring but summer is now here. We had an electrical storm today at 6am but by now it's getting hot already. So, yes, it's a promising beach time day and I will make sure to send you as much sun as I can:-) xx


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