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Scandinavian company Be & Liv makes the coolest items for the home. They have decided to be greener, and save on packaging by flat packing all their products which make for easy shipping, and  help by lowering their carbon footprint. Be & Liv's design is fresh, clean & very Scandinavian, and assembling their stuff is great fun and the results remarkable.

I was asked if I fancied  picking a product for review, and I must admit that picking just one was hard as their range is great. My choice fell on the Petals fruit bowl in Graphite. It looks like an origami flower, it's sturdy, but the airy design functions well by ventilating the fruit making it last longer. I LOVE it.

Have a look at their website for more cool stuff. I know I'll be coming back for more soon. 


  1. Hi Anya:) That's a really cute fruit bowl. Believe it or not, but I only just recently figured out the ventilation thing with fruit bowls, I've had mine in a regular bowl for years. I'll pop over and have a look at their site now. Mel xx

    1. I know - I never really knew that either ha ha - ohh the things we learn as bloggers :)

  2. Hej great! This is a cool look! Thank you for sharing!
    All my best from Austria and a happy happy time

    1. Thanks so much Elisabeth - happy weekend to you too .)


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