Broste AW 2014 catalogue


Not that I have tired of Summer, but as the weather today has turned into Autumn - I found it rather appropriate to share the fab BROSTE AW14 catalogue, shot by the ever talented Line Thit Klein and styled by the also extremely talented lady Natalie Schwer.

I love the darkness in these images, and mixed with the gorgeous candles, it almost makes me long for winter, cups of tea, and cuddles on the couch. What do you reckon? Ready for Winter yet, or p.l.e.a.s.e bring back the sunshine? Happy Monday everyone - hope your weekend was bliss.


  1. So beautiful these spaces, very relaxing. Happy Monday doll x

  2. Feels so cosy and warm... And I love the styling! x

  3. Let's hope the sunshine hasn't gone completely...I'm not quite ready for autumn yet ;)
    Lovely images here, Anya...have a great week xx

  4. I have high hopes for a true Indian Summer and a warm and sunny September month here in France, but I really like these moody colors. Those wall colors (especially that blue in the last image!) are very pretty.

  5. Hi Anya,

    Sorry I haven't been visiting lately but with having visitors and husband who hurt his leg, I just haven't had the time. I don't know why, but I used to get notifications via e-mail for your posts and I haven't been getting them? Is there something I should do to get them back?

    Very dramatic photos! I love the dark colors. I AM ready for fall/winter as it has been extremely hot and humid this summer with very little rain. Watering my plants has become all consuming as they are thirsty all the time, especially the ones in my front garden because it gets full sun all day. My garden is looking pretty sad right now. :-(

  6. very nice. lovely colour scheme


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