Citizen M Hotel New York City


When I was in NYC we were lucky to stay in the brand new Citizen M Hotel Times Square. I had never been to NYC before and when I arrived, I was astounded to see all the Skyscrabers and the hustle and bustle of the City.

Citizen M greeted me with design galore from the entry hall, to the foyer and even the rooms were designed. You check yourself in (with a little help from the lovely staff) and up you go. My room was on the 14th floor - don't think I've ever been that high before so that was exciting. Even higher was their rooftop bar (ehhm - we did hang there quite a bit) and I even got a bit of a fright looking out, as it was a BIT of a drop.

The rooms were all controlled by a Samsung tablet, and you could change the ambience of your room by the touch of a button. I changed my light, my artwork, and the AC. However (think it was start up problems) my tablet was somewhat dysfunctional, so it kept putting on the AC & flickering the light in the middle of the night (room then needed resetting - basically switched ON/OFF by the staff, which was a bit annoying.)

Apart from that everything was cool. I loved the place, it was cool, urban and fresh. The staff was the icing on the cake. SO nice and helpful. Would I go back. Yes I would, but I'd hope that the tablets would work this time around.

The lovely ladies from Mademoiselle Poirot & Insideology & me 
Check in area and foyer
The downstairs Bar area
The view looking up in the seating area by the downstairs bar
Cosmopolitans - well it was NYC
The rooftop Bar and all the Art
View from the rooftop bar

My score (out of 10 possible)
Design: 9 I adored it
Food: 6 - wasn't nearly enough food at the brunch in the mornings
Cleanliness: 7 - There was plenty of hair products & cool hairdryer too
Staff: 10 - more than helpful - every single one I met
Location: 7 (Very central and a bit touristy)


  1. Gorgeous hotel Anya! I love the amenities and ambiance. Great friends too! That's most important!

    1. Yes friends are so very important indeed Kim xx

  2. This looks amazing, what a wonderful place with great friends too :) xx

    1. Thanks Kizzy it really was - and great friends indeed :)

  3. I was looking for a 2011 post at my blog and saw your comment .... so I clicked and voila I came in this old post... which made me laugh as I had the same trouble with Airco in NYC on the blog tour haha.. I guess we are more the open the window kind of types haha Hope you are well if you read this x


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