Design Trade Copenhagen 2014


Yesterday I attended the cool design trade show - DESIGN TRADE in Copenhagen. I was lucky to meet up with a favourite blogger friend I met at #BlogtourNYC - Iris from Holland. The show takes place in Bella Center and I naturally snapped a few pics of the über cool design hotel next door called BELLA SKY

The show was full of the best of the best of (mainly) Scandinavian design, and there was plenty cool stuff to go around. These here are my favourites:
 Awesome art for your walls by the lovely ladies at Bob Noon
They even had a proper popcorn machine
Hagedornhagen have made bugs on the walls popular !!
 I love my type - and yes I love your type too!!
 Muuto always hits the right note with me!
Menu has gone from a bit old fashioned - to right on the money - and I like it.

So all in all a good show, I enjoyed it and could have spent a pretty penny.
Happy Monday everyone, have a great week.

OH yeah and It's my Birthday today <3 <3


  1. Happy birthday søde Anya!!!

  2. looks fab. it's just the kind of event I miss over here.

    1. You could always come over here - I'll be happy to be your tour guide :)

  3. Looks really amazing, I love all the styles. Happy Be-lated birthday doll, my internet hasn't been the greatest, so I wasn't on much yesterday. I hope you spent a marvellous time & your wishes come true xxx

  4. Happy Birthday sweet Anya! I hope you had a wonderful day. I love those nature prints and just posted an Etsy shop on my blog of a Photographer and some of her gorgeous prints. I told husband that I needed to stay away from that shop!!!

  5. Happy Birthday again. Hope you had a magical day.

    Glad you attended the Trade show and shows us some pics. Nice Hotel design:-)
    Greetings from a much colder London xx

    1. It's warm here now - amazing weather - thanks for the sweet greetings xxx

  6. Happy Birthday Anya! I hope you had a fabulous day sweetie. That building is spectacular and I love those paintings.


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