Trend alert - Watercolour walls


Ohh here is a trend that's almost too beautiful. I adore watercolours, The girls and I draw with liquid watercolours and the way the colours play with one another is just amazing. Well wouldn't you know, now they're also adorning walls everywhere - here are a few of my favourites:

1 by Sandberg
2/4 by photo wall
3 via Anewall
via frenchbydesign


  1. I love it, I love it a lot :))) So cool :))) Happy day doll xx

  2. Replies
    1. Yes - i think either you love it - or you don't :)) I love it x

  3. Oh my. I had to catch my breathe because I stopped breathing for a moment when I saw this post! ha! I love watercolor so much and these impressions are divine. My next house will have a wall that is a watercolor feature....thank you my friend. Hugs, Jocelyn xx

    1. Me too - i absolutely adore this look, so stunning :))

  4. amazing. love, love, love it!!


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