Candle delight


We love a good candle here in Scandinavia, and these from &Otherstories are simply beautiful. The candles each capture the atmosphere of an area in either Stockholm or Paris. Happy Monday everyone, today really is autumn - so I might go get me one of these :)


  1. Hello lovely...these sound gorgeous. I love candles too, all year round, but especially in the Autumn time, its perfect in the evening. I will have to check these ones out soon :))) Have a great day my dear xx

    1. Thanks sweetie - I adore a candle and these are really great x

  2. It's time to light some. For scent and warmth.
    I love candles... I believe that's an item that I'm completely girly for... I've yet to meet a scent I didn't like.
    There's a store I visit often and the girl already laughs when I enter to buy scented candles because she asks me which I prefer, I put the nose in the air and say "this one I'm feeling now" ahahahahah
    Autumn hit here too. I thought it was tough last week but this Monday had yet to happen - pure madness.
    Stay warm and safe,

    1. It's dropped 10 degrees here overnight, so we are in dire need of candles now :) And it's so true - taste for scents change - depending on mood and seasons :) Happy day love

  3. and of course I like the French one best ;)


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