M&S home collection AW2014


Marks and Spencer, a company that I always remember from living in London, but didn't really purchase much from, apart from underwear, and food - M&S food is amazing. Well looks like they have changed - a lot, and this new AW 2014 home collection looks very good to me. I think they have gone to the dark side (Abigail Ahern anyone) and I LOVE it. Moody colours, big lovely florals and stunning dark furniture. Makes me {almost} look forward to autumn - almost.


  1. YES!!!! Give it all to me, I love it, it's perfect. I love moody homes, haha. I can have one or two rooms that are really brightly coloured and the rest I love moody. Perfect atmosphere, reminds me of old manor houses or something. Really wonderful job from M&S!!! Happy day doll xx

  2. Oh M&S really changed a lot
    I think this is the first time they did anything near moody
    and I like it♥


  3. loooove these colors...and the walls...aaahh, how beautiful!

  4. Aha. They must be upping their game. Haven't seen these. Thanks for featuring them. I must say their food is great. I just had some M&S chicken kiev and they're absolutely much better than any other supermarket brand :)

    Chinwags and Tittle-Tattles

  5. funny. underwear and food is all I ever buy from M&S too :)

  6. Wow, very dramatic! Love this!
    All my best

  7. Blimey. That's M&S?
    Hope you're well sweetie. Lots of love to you guys xx


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